Crown of Life

Christ Will Come Again!


Hello!  Welcome to Crown of Life, my LTC website.  We are studying the book of Revelation.  We have many events to do.  I signed up for 6 events (or projects).  One of the events is web page design.  Crown of Life is the web page I am designing.  This is my first time doing a project like this.  I am excited about LTC and about learning a new way to tell others about Jesus.

About Me

My web name for this project is "Tabitha", a biblical name from Acts 9:36, which means gazelle.  Tabitha was called by another name, Dorcas. She was a godly woman, a Christian, who did good works and charity. 

This picture is my web face that I created for this project.

I hope you like my site! 


My web face was created free at

The free website was created at

The map of the 7 churches was found at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:  Seven churches of Asia.

The map for Westside Church of Christ, Round Rock, Texas and the picture of the church building found at

**Special Thanks**

Thanks to Brother Jay Burcham who was in charge of LTC, Brother Matt Prewett who was in charge of the web page project and to all the other saints at the church who worked together on LTC.  May God bless you all.


Thanks for Visiting!


After the project is complete, my mom leaves the site online and uses affiliate marketing to earn money to contribute to my education and upbringing and good works.



  • Christian Art
  • Bible Bowl
  • Mixed Chorus
  • Puppets
  • Scripture Challenge
  • Web Page