Crown of Life

Christ Will Come Again!

                     7 Major Themes of Revelation

We learned in LTC that the overall theme of Revelation is TIME.

The number 7 was used often in Revelation.  There are more than 7 themes in Revelation, but I understand these.

1) Crown of life (Rev 2:10)

The saints who remain faithful until the end will receive a “crown of life”.

2) War in heaven (Rev 12:7)

The “war in heaven” is a spiritual war for our souls.  Satan does not want the faithful to be saved.

3) Lamb of God (Rev 5:12) is the Alpha and Omega ( Rev 21:6 )

The “Lamb of God” is Jesus Who was “slain”.  Jesus died for us.  He has the power over TIME.  The “Alpha and Omega” means He is the beginning and the end of TIME.

4) The Harvest   (Rev 14:15)

The “Harvest” is the final day when all on earth will be judged for their works; whether they were faithful or unfaithful.

5) A new heaven and a new earth (Rev 21:1)

The earth and heaven we now know will be destroyed.  A “new heaven” and a “new earth” will be the new home for the faithful.

6) Tree of life (Rev 22:2)

Jesus promised us eternal life.  The leaves on the “tree of life” are for healing.  Whoever eats of the tree can live forever.  But they have to be in heaven because that’s where the tree is.  Only the faithful will be in heaven.


The faithful are in the church of Christ.  The church is the “bride of Christ”.  Jesus promised He would come again for His bride.  The church will be glad when Jesus comes!

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Number 7 in Revelation

7 churches  (Rev 1: 4, 11)   

7 lamps of fire  (Rev 4: 5)

7 trumpets  (Rev 8: 2)  

7 thunders  (Rev 10: 3, 4)         

7 seals (Rev 5: 1, 5)

7 spirits  (Rev 1: 4; 3:1)            

7 horns (Rev 5: 6)

7 candlesticks  (Rev 1: 12)         

7 horns (Rev 5: 6)

7 stars (Rev 1: 16; 2: 1)

7 eyes (Rev 5: 6)

7 plagues  (Rev 15: 8 )

7 angels (Rev 15: 8; 21: 9)

7 mountains  (Rev 17:9)